ten albums from 2012

Friday 11th January 2013


Making the trek from 72nd & 1st to the 6 train.
Something – Chairlift.

On the Merritt heading north out of New York.
I Love You, It’s Cool – Bear In Heaven.

Hymns for wandering familiar streets at unfamiliar times.
Maraqopa – Damien Jurado.
All Hell – Daughn Gibson.
Skeptic Goodbye – You Won’t.

3am, in the vicinity of Red October, a long way from love.
A Sleep & Forgetting – Islands.

Descending the stairs at 14th & 6th for the F train home from The New School.
Beams – Matthew Dear.
Lonerism – Tame Impala.

A birth in Autumn 3, so also seasons recomposed.
Recomposed – Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons.

And the turning in those early days, at the hours at night, or on walks.
Nocturne – Wild Nothing

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