mediacity 4: mediacities

Monday 29th April 2013


Looking forward to presenting my graduate thesis project at the University at Buffalo, SUNY this Sunday. From the schedule web site, here’s the panel description:

How are urban conditions around national borders inflected by ubiquitous computing? What mediated forms of citizenship are emerging at these border zones, and how do they differ around the world? Bordervilles are often unofficially twinned cities that share common conditions (ecological, micro-economic, climatic) but not others (lingual, macro-economic), all of which can be affected by digital media that transcend physical boundaries and sometimes skirt national regulation. What new mediated bordervilles are to be seen, and what urban conditions do they propose? These MediaCities are diverse and ripe for study. Some include an expanded border region, (San Diego/Tijuana, Buffalo/Toronto) while others are cities divided across nations (Istanbul, Jerusalem, Shenhzhen / Hong Kong).

Moderator: Dietmar Offenhuber

Christo de Klerk. Project Borders – measuring perceptions of everyday border crossings through participatory research
Erik Leahy and Brian Kelly. Into the Seam: The Architecture of Boundary
Julian Oliver. Border Bumping (project)

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